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Free copies of screen smart sam

Are you an elementary school teacher who cares about Social Emotional Learning and the impact digital citizenship has on childhood development?

If so, you are in the right place! As a former teacher, I'm are excited to offer you the opportunity to receive a free class set of my new children’s book to send home for parents to keep, as a way to engage parents and students about why limiting leisure time online is essential for healthy bodies.

These copies are made possible thanks to generous sponsorship from Ourpact.com and Honda.com as well as other local businesses. Details about sponsors can be found on the book resource website www.ScreenSmartSam.com

As a former teacher, I know what happens at home greatly affects learning and behavior in school. So many teachers wish parents could learn more about the harmful effects of leisure screens have upon early childhood development AND how to reduce risks of time online.

Well rested kids at home perform better in school. Without distractions online children focus better on completing tasks and learn how to appropriately interact with each other.

Screen Smart Sam is an entertaining story written in gender-neutral terms that kids enjoy while their parents co-read it with them to learn about 16 potential problems as well as 16 easy solutions that make time online safer and child development healthier.

New studies show that even toddlers are experiencing behavior problems and learning problems directly correlated to over-stimulation from leisure time online viewing games, shows, and other media that parents think is educational but really contributing to their lack of focus stamina and oppositional behavior at school and at home.

By setting up healthy routines and safeguards at home, children will be more ready to learn in school. Screen Smart Sam will help teach those lessons though parent engagement. Early prevention is key!

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Parents and teachers can also read about the latest research about screens and children and access other resources by visiting the book website referenced on the inside page of the book.

www.ScreenSmartFamilies.org is the book website dedicated to providing families with resources related to digital citizenship, created by the author, Nicole Rawson. Find out more about her and how teachers can envision using this book as a great parent outreach tool to help kids establish healthy routines at home, and educate families about the risks of too much leisure screen time.

Please feel free to share this offer with other teachers you know that might be interested in utilizing this resource! It takes a village to raise children and we are here to help!

PLUS, enter your email below to receive a FREE digital download eBook of Screen Smart Sam and occasional screen smart insider information.

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